Greg Knott

Conservative Republican

for Indiana State Representative District 62

Hi, I'm Greg Knott, I am a Ronald Reagan Conservative.

Unlike my opponent, I will keep my promises.

When I sign a pledge to NOT RAISE TAXES, I will keep that promise.

I Support

Constitutional Carry and

the Second Amendment

I am running for Indiana House of Representatives to represent District 62 ( There is a terrible misrepresentation of my stand on the 2nd Amendment, happening right now, and you can help set the record straight by reading this response...

Full Disclosure: I am a member of the NRA (as well as Indiana Gun Rights), but an "endorsement" itself from the NRA is completely worthless in terms of which primary candidate is stronger on gun rights because incumbents always receive their endorsement, even if the primary challenger scores higher on the NRA's own candidate survey. That's a bad policy that the NRA should reconsider before they lose donors to the groups like IGR, NAGR, and GOA that care more about protecting our right to keep and bear arms than protecting incumbents...

My opponent had his chance to help get Rep. Nisly's Constitutional Carry amendment to the floor for a vote and choose to stand down instead in order to please House leaders who take contributions from Bloomberg's anti-gun group, Everytown for Gun Safety (see image below).

Not only is the NRA playing games by giving their endorsement to candidates who have a record of not pushing for Constitutional Carry, they have ignored calls and messages to publish my survey answers, or at least update their grade assignment from "?" to "A". The NRA won't even update their site to show me in the correct House district.

There is no wiggle room to be exploited by Republican leadership trying to water down our gun rights in my answer to the Constitutional Carry question, I will stand with Reps. Nisly & Lucas, etc. to enact Constitutional Carry as law in Indiana, just as it is already in 16 other states (ones without Republican super-majorities controlled by moderates who take dirty money from the anti-gun lobby).

Hold my incumbent accountable for turning his back on our gun rights, Vote Knott on June 2.

-Greg Knott

Unlike my opponent, I will personally sponsor a bill in the Indiana House of Representatives to legalize CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY and restore our Second Amendment rights in Indiana, just as 16 other states have already done.

LETS TURN INDIANA GREEN, watch the videos...

I will protect your Second Amendment rights...

...and I will vote Pro-Life!


Above is a comparison of our records on various issues

NOTE: There is a terrible misrepresentation of my stand on abortion, happening right now, and you can help set the record straight by reading this response...

Full Disclosure

An "endorsement" itself from IRTL (Indiana Right to Life) is completely worthless in terms of which primary candidate is more pro-life because incumbents always receive their endorsement, even if the primary challenger scores more pro-life on the IRTL survey. That's a bad policy that IRTL should reconsider before they lose donors to the group that cares more about protecting the unborn than incumbents: Hoosiers For Life...

However, State Rep. Peggy Mayfield is not just a pretender on this issue with an endorsement based only on incumbency. Unlike other incumbents who received an endorsement, Peggy's candidate survey answers prove where she stands on this issue, without leaving wiggle room to be exploited by Republican leadership trying to water down protections. She deserves your support if you live in District 60.

For the record, unlike my District 62 opponent, Peggy and I both answered "Abortion should never be legal", and you can see how all the candidates answered all 16 questions here:

Priority Issues

Reform the Local Option Income Tax

Reform the Local Option Income Tax so that all voters get a chance to reject Bloomington's Climate Tax in a countywide referendum. Indiana currently allows a simple majority of the Bloomington City Council to force a tax upon workers in Ellettsville, Stinesville and unincorporated areas without representation. Didn't our nation's Founders declare Independence from the British Empire over the issue of Taxation Without Representation? It's a travesty my opponent did not propose a bill to fix this problem last session, and we need to act quickly next session if we are going to stop the city's power play.

Reform School Funding So That More Goes To The Classroom

Reform school funding so that more goes to the classroom, especially raises for teachers, and less goes to everything else - especially lavish athletics facilities that have nothing to do with academics. Lavishly spending on athletics is great, as long as it comes from boosters voluntarily rather than out of teachers' paychecks and taxpayers' pockets. Again, the legislature missed a great opportunity to bypass the District Administrators and increase teacher pay directly last session. We are losing great teachers to other careers and other States as a result of the Statehouse's negligence.

Improve Public Safety

Improve Public Safety – per Bloomington's 2020 Public Safety Report, rape is up 55% (to 85 in 2019), aggravated assaults are up 27%, robberies are up 12%. Yet, Indiana isn't even testing all of the Rape Kits submitted by investigators. Per, 4980 rape kits in Indiana remain untested, and there is no commitment, mandate or funding to test this massive backlog. Other jurisdictions that have eliminated their backlogs have had great success in getting these serial criminals off the street and reducing crime. It is past time for to Indiana follow suit, and make public safety a priority. Parts of Indianapolis are not safe for students, even in daylight hours.



I'm hearing the same thing from so many so-called "non-essential" small businesses that have been unfairly shutdown by the government – they don't want handouts, they want government to get out of the way and re-open the economy. South Dakota didn't close any businesses, yet they have the second lowest deaths per capita of any State in the nation (just 2 deaths per 100,000 compared to 121 for lockdown New York). People are protesting and people are returning to work in defiance of Indiana's order, and who can blame them? There needs to be scientific evidence proving that closures cause a drop in deaths and there simply is none.

Since the economy has shed so many jobs and will be fragile for some time to come we need to look at greatly reducing occupational licensing barriers to workforce participation, and put in circuit breakers so that unemployment insurance never again pays dramatically more than full time employment. If the federal government is foolish enough to distort the labor market by making joblessness pay more than work by adding $600/week to the normal benefits then Indiana should have a circuit breaker that suspends the State's contribution.

Indiana's median wage in 2019 was 17.77/hour. Ordinarily, Indiana would pay the median worker $8.35/hour until they went back to work. Currently, the combined Indiana and federal payment for a median wage worker is $23.35/hour. Indiana's unemployment insurance fund is headed towards insolvency while paying median wage workers 31% more than they would make returning to work. Small businesses desperately need to hire workers back because the Paycheck Protection Program SBA Loans require that 75% of the loan be spent on payroll in order to be forgiven, but they are having trouble competing with the wages paid by unemployment. It's insanity, and so are the vast majority of occupational licensing requirements. We need reform in both areas to put people back to work.

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